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Is ad blocking unfair?

By Nick Holmes on October 13, 2015

My latest post for Internet Newsletter for Lawyers. Image: Stop! by Axel Schwenke on Flickr.

Privacy? Forget about it

By Nick Holmes on June 4, 2014

Reblogged from Legal Web Watch May 2014. Insofar as we still measure column inches on the web, many yards in the last month have been devoted to commentary and analysis of the Google Spain decision, or the "right to be (…)

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We are all (micro) publishers now

By Nick Holmes on April 24, 2013

Proposals for incentives as part of a new system of independent, self-regulation of the press have been refined to make sure “micro-business” blogs are outside of the scheme. [DCMS news story] I’m checking out the pretty chart and wondering why (…)

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Exposing the social graph

By Nick Holmes on February 8, 2008

With the launch last week of Google’s Social Graph API we can finally start to visualise the “social graph” – the connections between people on the web. It is only relatively recently that the relationships between people have been declared (…)

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Necessarily anonymous

By Nick Holmes on August 21, 2006

Nearly Legal offers a thoughtful post on the issues connected with anonymous blogging, saying “What interests me … is the fraught conjunction of anonymity, confessional, freedom of expression, privacy, veracity, self-exposure and unwanted exposure involved here.”

Data Protection/Marketing: EU guidance on digital marketing

By Nick Holmes on April 21, 2004

The EU advisory working party on data protection and privacy issues in Europe, made up of the national Data Protection Commissioners of the member states, has published an opinion on the proper interpretation and application of that part of the (…)

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