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Brexit for lawyers

By Nick Holmes on July 5, 2016

Extracts from my latest post in Internet Newsletter for Lawyers about the legal and constitutional issues surrounding Brexit: As opinions on this change by the hour, your best bet is to follow the latest comments on Twitter from those lawyers (…)

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They’re working for us (dot org)

By Nick Holmes on March 26, 2008

The folks at mySociety are really moving on Society 2.0. mySociety is a charity which builds natty Web 2.0 sites that give people simple, tangible benefits in the civic and community aspects of their lives. It also aims to teach (…)

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Corruption 2.0

By Nick Holmes on February 21, 2008

I’ve signed up for the SCL Lecture 2008 in which Prof Larry Lessig will consider “Corruption 2.0 – the destructive effect of money within politics, and the role technology might play in counterbalancing it.” An unofficial site Draft Lessig was (…)

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Beefy and Lamby anyone?

By Nick Holmes on January 18, 2007

Comment on the Government’s proposals to close 550 plus government websites has provoked a range of comment from “about time too” to “a bit of a sick joke“, with numerous geeks chipping in that this is all unnecessary because [Web (…)

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Politics in depth

By Nick Holmes on March 8, 2005

The choice for detailed coverage of political debate and legislative progress is now between … ePolitix – which aims to improve communication between elected representatives and the public. News – provides up-to-the-minute politics and parliamentary news covering events at Westminster, (…)

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Holding your MP to account

By Nick Holmes on December 8, 2004

Three sites that help you the citizen make sense of what your elected representatives are doing and hold them to account (in their own words): TheyWorkForYou.comEverything MPs say in the House of Commons is recorded in a document called Hansard. (…)

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Parliament site sucks II

By Nick Holmes on December 8, 2004

The start of the new Parliamentary session is a reminder just how awkward it is to monitor the progress of bills on the Parliament site. The Bills before parliament page summarises the position thus: Public Bills before ParliamentThe page lists (…)

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New Scottish Parliament sites – clicks and mortar

By Nick Holmes on September 9, 2004

The Scottish Parliament launched its new improved website on 6 September prior to the opening of the new Parliament buildings. Amongst the new features are: MSP biographical pages which include individual interviews with Members filmed in the new building during (…)

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Parliament site sucks say users

By Nick Holmes on June 21, 2004

The UK Parliament’s website needs a radical overhaul as there is widespread dissatisfaction among users, a select committee of MPs said on 16 June 2004. While the site has received praise as an example of open and accessible government, the (…)

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Parliament: Breathing new life into Hansard

By Nick Holmes on June 10, 2004

A new website that allows voters to search and annotate the text of parliamentary debates has been launched by a team of volunteer programmers. is the fruit of nine months’ work by a loose group of e-democracy activists whose (…)

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