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Is ad blocking unfair?

By Nick Holmes on October 13, 2015

My latest post for Internet Newsletter for Lawyers. Image: Stop! by Axel Schwenke on Flickr.

Why is everyone talking about content marketing?

By Nick Holmes on November 20, 2012

It’s likely you’ve heard a lot of talk recently about “content marketing”. What’s that? You might turn to Wikipedia for an explanation: Content marketing is an umbrella term encompassing all marketing formats that involve the creation and sharing of content (…)

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Are blawgs an effective marketing tool?

By Nick Holmes on January 13, 2010

I won’t get into marketing theory here (being unqualified to pontificate on the topic), but will restate my firm belief – supported by most genuine blawgers – that a blog “works”, ie it engages effectively, raises profile and is good (…)

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Lexblog Q & A

By Nick Holmes on February 6, 2008

Rob La Gatta, Editorial Manager at Lexblog, has already conducted and published on Real Lawyers Have Blogs numerous interviews with leading names in the field of law firm blogging and web marketing. These Q & As deliver structured, in-depth thoughts (…)

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Google – the only law firm directory to bother with?

By Nick Holmes on October 16, 2007

Larry Bodine thinks so: Clients use Google to look up phone numbers and addresses, so law firms can cancel their yellow pages ads. When clients want to check out your firm, they are not going to call up to get (…)

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None so blind

By Nick Holmes on August 21, 2007

Web usability guru, Jakob Nielsen, reports in his weekly Alertbox for 20 August 2007 on banner blindness: The most prominent result from the new eyetracking studies is not actually new. We simply confirmed for the umpteenth time that banner blindness (…)

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